The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review

This is a short review over the new spider man movie (The Amazing Spider-Man). The new spider man movie hit theaters last week and it was great I even liked this one better than the first three. The visual graphics we’re awesome, the lighting color, and sound dynamics we’re IMMACULATE . The New Spiderman Andrew Garfield  did a amazing Job. He was ridicuclous, he talked so much trash and was more like the spider man that was portrayed in the comic book. The AMAZING SPIDERMAN was Directed by Marc Webb, and you can tell that he put a lot of dedication and hardwork into this movie to move the audience from the last trilogy to the current. But in turn most people didn’t like this movie because they were saying it was the same thing as the first one, Which they are correct ,But only mistake with that is that this spider man was still in teenage life (High School), it didn’t jump right into Peter Parkers adult hood. Overall I give this Movie A 9/10. Check The trailer out above.  Image


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