Strung Out

Strung Out is a clothing line originated in Flint, Michigan by Leondrew Wesley and Jonathan Hodges Jr. in tribute to their love of sneakers. Since the debut on March 30th, 2012 great amounts of consistent success came along. A great milestone was achieved.

[Concept] : 

By the name of Strung Out the first thing which many people think of is an drug addiction, however in our case we’re not addicted to drug we’re addicted to sneakers.

Since we collect sneakers, many people label us as “Sneakerheads”, the feature we have in common with a sneaker is a tongue with is represented in our brand logo.

That’s why a brand logo has characteristics of a human tongue and a sneaker tongue.

Many would say humans and sneakers have souls in common but the sole of a sneaker is spelled slightly different. [ Soul: Human, Sole: Sneaker]

[Design] :

– Eyes: Keep in mind our brand name is Strung Out, which is the reasoning for X’ed out eyes.

The x’ed out eyes however represent stitches that every shoe has.

– Brain : Isn’t a representation of much, just a dope affect for the logo.

If you were to scramble some laces together into a circular motion it will sort of look like a brain.

[Inspiration for creating the brand] :

Inspiration would have to be being a shoe collector myself. – Leondrew Wesley ( @LWesley24)

[Motivation for keeping the brand] : 

What motivates me is to supply fellow sneakerheads with dope apparel which isn’t created. Having a clothing line also gives me the opportunity to express my creativity as well, overall I just this and sneakers. – Leondrew Wesley ( @LWesley24)

This email, I’ve provided for you with details of the brand logo, concept, inspiration, motivation,basic information as well as photos. We look forward for reading your write up for your sneaker blog. Thank you for everything, enjoy your day.

The last photo is a photo of our promoter Krishaun Duncan: @KrizsD

[Contact Information] :

Twitter: @StrungOutSolez [Official Brand account]

Instagram: @StrungOutSolez [Official Brand account]

FaceBook: [Like Page]

Twitter: @LWesley24 [Personal account, Founder]

Twitter: @Jhodge16 [Personal account, Founder]

Twitter: @KrizsD [Personal account, Promoter]

Online store : [If anyone is interested in our apparel, share this link]
Email : StrungOutApparel@Gmail


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