Details On The PS4


Sony just announced the PlayStation 4 launches at $399/€399/£349. Sony previously pinned the console for ‘holiday 2013,’ and that’s the same window the company kept to in today’s price announcement at its E3 conference.
Earlier today, Microsoft announced the Xbox One launches this November at $100 higher than the PS4. Another difference between the two consoles was revealed this evening, with Sony stating the PS4 will place “no restrictions” on used games, unlike the Xbox One.



Online multiplayer on PS4 will require a PS Plus subscription, confirmed in the above video produced by Sony demonstrating physical disc game sharing on PS4. 
Existing PlayStation Plus members – or even those who sign up from here on out – will find their subscription extended to PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. The PS4 launches Holiday 2013 for $399.



The PS4’s Eye camera will be priced at $59, as will each additional DualShock 4 controller. That’s according to a Sony Japan press release (via Engadget), which notes the Eye camera isn’t included with the $399 PS4.
The additional controller is priced slightly higher than the Eye camera outside of the US. The DualShock 4 costs €59 and £54 in Europe and the UK, while the Eye will go for €49/£44. Sony’s press release notes both will be available in that ever so “jet black” color. 

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