DualShock 4 And KIllzone Shadow Fall

IMG_2136I finally got my hands on the brand new Playstation 4 DualShock Controller. The controller feels amazing the newly designed DualShock 4 controller holds it’s title. The newly designed Dual analog is great it feels more comfortable on your thumbs, for the my Shooter gamers you are really going to IMG_2149love the newly designed triggers it’s going to make it much easier to play shooters. While looking at the dualshock 4 controller I noticed that it had a built in speaker and stero headset jack so I’m thinking that when you pick up Your Playstation 4 on November 15th that it will include some stereo headphones for online gaming. IMG_2143As you probably heard already you will see that they added a new feature to the controller called “Share” the Share button makes social interactions easy with instant gameplay video and screen uploads, the dualshock 4 also has a touch pad that supports multi touch. The blue sensor light on the back of the controller track players position and movements.




IMG_2154Around the same time I picked up my copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall now be ready because this game is going 45GB to install this game. As you can see there’s no manual, But! If you remove the disk you will see the Default controls, more than likely the manual will be on the game disk. Killzone Shadow Falls come with a 7- Day Trail for the Playstation Plus just in case you don’t have it when you pick up your Playstation 4





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